Ezekiel Elliott Seen Practicing With The Cowboys,  Will He Stay In Dallas?

When the Dallas Cowboys told wide receiver Ezekiel Elliott that they were breaking up with him, he started looking for a new team right away.

People have also said in recent days that Elliott is having trouble finding a new job to keep his career going.

On Friday morning, Ezekiel Elliot was seen working out with Dak Prescott on the quarterback's own open field.

It's not clear if Zeke just wants to work out with his old friends to stay in shape or if there's something else going on.

They didn't even tell him that his pay might go down. They just told him that he wasn't needed anymore.

Even though Zeke and the Cowboys could talk again, the Cowboys' haste to get rid of him is not good for Elliott at all.

Even though this practice had nothing to do with anything, Zeke working with his offensive core team sends a clear message to the Cowboys' leaders.

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