Ex-player claims Derrick Henry to be dealt to Eagles ignites Twitter.

Will Derrick Henry be traded to the Philadelphia Eagles? Eagles supporters are excited after former NFL player,

"American Ninja Warrior" host Akbar Gbajabiamila made the aforementioned suggestion on Twitter early on Saturday morning.

Several responses have been made in response to Gbajabiamila's tweet. Eagles supporters are attempting to determine ,

whether there is any merit to the rumor that Derrick Henry will be dealt to Philadelphia. On the one hand,

Gbajabiamila is not a well-known newsmaker. Henry and Gbajabiamila, however, are both represented by the same agency,

Thus it's plausible that he heard about a potential trade between the Tennessee Titans and Philadelphia Eagles.

The probable acquisition of Henry seems to have Eagles supporters cautiously optimistic. Philadelphia's offense would become even more potent with a Derrick Henry trade.

In Super Bowl 57, the Eagles narrowly lost. Philadelphia's offense in the 2023 NFL season could,

Occasionally appear to be virtually unstoppable with Henry, A.J. Brown, and Jalen Hurts on the same team.