Elon Musk was inducted into the Museum of Failure for 14 reasons, including the odd names he gave 2 of his kids.

The Museum of Failure says innovation requires failure.Elon Musk's odd names for two of his children, X AE A-XII and.

Exa Dark Siderael (now Y), earned him a position in the museum for 14 reasons.

His other failures include PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX nearly going bankrupt in 2008, falsely tweeting about taking Tesla private.

Which got him sued, his Guinness World Records recognition for the.

"largest loss of personal fortune in history," and failing to walk away from his $44 billion takeover of Twitter.

The museum highlights Tesla, SpaceX, and his former status as the world's richest person.

LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault overtook him in late 2022 when Tesla shares plummeted.

As one of, if not the most, polarizing figures of the last decade, Elon Musk's status is hotly debated," the museum's display adds.