Daniel Levy claims that Arsenal's success makes him "sick," but the chairman of Tottenham justifies the absence of awards.

Daniel Levy, the chairman of Tottenham, has said that he "feels sick" about Arsenal's success this year.

While Spurs have had a terrible season and may not qualify for the Champions League, Arsenal is vying with Manchester City for the Premier League championship.

Levy acknowledges he is dissatisfied with Tottenham's lack of championships but believes they have "progressed enormously" under the ownership of ENIC.

In his 22 years at the club, Spurs have only won one League Cup, which was back in 2008, and this season, they had a sad cup exit.

Levy acknowledges that "the ultimate is about winning the trophies" and that it has been difficult to watch Arsenal succeed this year.

Levy stated, "It has been an incredible journey; in the 22 years, Tottenham has advanced enormously in that time period,"

on March 14 at the Cambridge University Debating Society. "Not as much as we would hope as fans.

However, the journey is not yet complete, and we are still holding out hope that we will receive the necessary trophy.Winning is the goal.