Cowboys Trade: How Gilmore CB Got Out of 'NFL's Worst Team'

The Cowboys got five-time All-Pro Stephon Gilmore for a price that wasn't too bad for the team.

Dallas Cowboys made "big splashes" this offseason. Cornerback Stephon Gilmore was traded.

Dallas expects it will win a Super Bowl like the 90s Deion Sanders signing.

Gilmore is a five-time All-Pro ready to intercept opposing quarterbacks who "gotta throw it somewhere."

Gilmore's former teammate DeForest Buckner told ESPN that Gilmore demanded a trade this offseason.

This explains why the Cowboys traded for Gilmore in the 2023 NFL Draft. 

"The Colts in 2023 will be the worst team in the league," a source tells Mike Fisher. The Colts knew Gilly deserved better.

It's understandable why Gilmore left Indy. He'll be 33 in September and joined the Colts last summer expecting to compete in the AFC playoffs. Indianapolis, however, need a lot of help across the roster.

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