Cowboys May Trade Up For Elite Defensive Tackle

The Dallas Cowboys made a significant trade with the Indianapolis Colts earlier in the NFL offseason to acquire star cornerback Stephon Gilmore. It was an unexpected.

Move, but it significantly strengthened Dallas' defense. Could another trade be made between the two teams? Grover Stewart, a defensive tackle, would be a part of it this time.

The Colts have been open to trade negotiations over the past few months. For the time being, Indianapolis seems to be moving toward a "re-tool" or "rebuild". A player like Stewart might be worth trading.

With the decisions they have made this offseason, Jerry Jones and company have made it clear that they want to win a Super Bowl right away. They also acquired.

Veteran wide receiver Brandin Cooks from the Houston Texans in addition to the Gilmore trade. The Cowboys wouldn't be shocked by yet another move.

Stewart is on the list of players who might be traded before the 2023 NFL Draft or during it, according to CBS Sports. One of the top four teams for him to land is the Cowboys.

Alongside DeForest Buckner, Stewart is a crucial cog in Indianapolis' front and has been a reliable starter interior player for the past four years. Also on a fair contract, he will receive $10.875 million in 2023 during a slightly inflated DT market. But with a.

New quarterback on the way, Shane Steichen's Colts have good reason to shift to a more offensive emphasis. Stewart would also generate $9.6M if traded before his contract expires in 2024, when he will be 30 years old.