Chris Hemsworth Turned Down $2.2 Billion Marvel Franchise Due to Script Dissatisfaction.

Chris Hemsworth, an Australian actor, played Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which made him famous all over the world. He is one of the best-paid stars in the world and has kept the attention of his fans.

Chris Hemsworth, who is 39, played George Kirk with Chris Pine in the 2009 movie Star Trek. The movie, which was led by J.J. Abrams, made $385,7 million.

The former's character wasn't in the sequels, but there were rumors that he would be back in Star Trek 4, which has been in the works since 2016.

Variety said in 2019 that the first person had left the project. Chris Hemsworth didn't feel like he was a part of the script. "I didn't think there was a reason to bring that up again."

"I didn't want to disappoint," he said. Even though the actor has become more picky about the movies he does now that he has seen enough of them to know how to handle certain situations,

Chris Hemsworth is putting off projects in the future. Even though he turned down Star Trek 4, the star has talked about taking a break from acting because of his health.

He found out while making Limitless that he has a high chance of getting Alzheimer's. Sources say that he has two copies of the rare gene ApoE4. Only 2–3% of people have two copies of this gene.

He found out that he got two copies of the gene from each of his fathers. This made him more likely to get Alzheimer's.

The news "really triggered something in me to want to take some time off," so he won't act again. He would put preventive care and time with his family first.