Blockbuster Derrick Henry Trade Rumor Is Swirling Saturday

Derrick Henry hasn't been mentioned in trade rumors since early March, so things have been quiet lately.

But according to NFL alum and commentator Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, the successful Tennessee Titans running back will undoubtedly sign with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Whether or not it's true, Gbaja-Biamila tweeted today, "BREAKING: Move over, Derrick Henry is joining The Eagles."

Football fans reacted to this bold declaration with suspicion, which is understandable.

I mean, as a bird dies hard, I'd adore this, but as of 11 hours ago, he tweeted this,

In reaction to the NFL alum's comment, another person on Twitter dubbed him a liar, but Gbaja-Biamila stuck to his original assertion.

Just keep in mind who initially told you.

However, not everyone has given up on optimism. Eagles Nation, a Twitter user, saw a resemblance between Gbaja-Biamila and Henry.

"Akbar and Derrick Henry have the same agency," the page stated.