Better Call Saul's Kim Was Skyler Everyone Wanted.

Despite their shared traits, Kim from Better Call Saul and Skyler from Breaking Bad drew quite different reactions from viewers.The popularity of Kim in Better Call Saul indicates that.

She was what everyone expected Skyler to be. The interesting Better Call Saul prequel series to the critically acclaimed Breaking Bad is created by Vince Gillian and Peter Gould.

Better Call Saul outlasted the legendary Breaking Bad by one season and won widespread praise with Bob Odenkirk returning to the character of Saul Goodman. Along with expanding.

The Breaking Bad universe, Better Call Saul also added Kim Wexler, a well-liked strong female character. Rhea Seehorn played Kim, who was adored by both supporters and detractors.

Kim and Skyler's receptions as the love interests of the main characters in Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad couldn't have been more dissimilar. While Skyler was so infamously.

Despised that actress Anna Gunn received death threats, Kim became a popular favorite. The iconic anti-Skyler White sentiment goes beyond the.

Customary animosity for the "naggy wife," to the point where some fans convinced themselves that Skyler was the issue. The fan.

Responses to Kim and Skyler highlight a more general problem concerning how women are constantly viewed in relation to males.

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