Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Walk Through Beverly Hills

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez strolled hand in hand around Beverly Hills on a Saturday afternoon.

One of J.Lo's 15-year-old twins, Emme, was with them, but their other twin, Max, was nowhere to be found.

Lopez wore a low-cut black blouse with high-waisted, bell-bottom trousers and an oversized khaki checkered blazer with uplifted shoulders.

She was wearing a pair of big gold hoops in addition to her traditional aviator sunglasses.

Affleck was dressed in a matching set of grey denim jeans, a grey blazer over a black button-down, and black boots.

The three kids Affleck has with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner are Seraphina, 17, Violet, 14, and Samuel, 11 years old.

Lopez and Lopez's ex-husband Marc Anthony share parenting of Emme and Max.

Affleck and Lopez have worked hard to integrate their families since getting married in 2022, despite Lopez's description of the process on Today in January.