At the Boston Marathon, Eliud Kipchoge was defeated

Eliud Kipchoge traveled to Boston in an effort to add the most illustrious annual marathon in the world to his impressive collection of medals. He will leave with a sixth-place finish and uncertainty about his ability to accomplish two extraordinary, unheard-of goals.

Four hours after finishing, Kipchoge wrote on social media, "I live for the moments where I get to test the limits. "Neither is it ever guaranteed or simple. I had a difficult day today. I exerted all of my effort, but sometimes we have to admit that today wasn't the best day to push the barrier higher.

In his first Boston Marathon, Kipchoge was dropped in the midst of the renowned hills at about mile 19. He fell 3 minutes, 29 seconds short of fellow Kenyan Evans Chebet, who finished in 2:05:54 and won Boston again for the first time since 2008.

The Boston Athletic Association quotes Chebet as saying, "I did not observe Kipchoge," in reference to what took place. Eliud was less of a threat because we had received good training, so to speak.

In 18 marathons over the course of a decade-long career that included two world record-breaking runs and two Olympic gold medals, it was just Kipchoge's third loss. Kipchoge, 38, hopes to win all six of the yearly World Marathon Majors and make history by.

Winning three Olympic marathons in 2016. However, that goal was seriously questioned on Monday. Just missing Boston and New York City, a November marathon he has never competed in, Kipchoge has won four of the six. He forwent his customary springtime marathon preparation in favor of competing in Boston.

The oldest annual marathon in the world dating back to 1897. Although Kipchoge has not yet spoken to the media, he might be questioned about whether a botched attempt to grab a water bottle just before he lost track of a pack of five ahead of.

Him contributed to his first loss since finishing eighth at the 2020 London Marathon. Monday's rainy weather in Boston mirrored that of London in the year 2020. The only other time Kipchoge lost by 26.2 miles was in 2013, when he finished second in Berlin during his second marathon of his career.

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