At the 2023 Met Gala, Yara Shahidi sparkled in a Cartier gown.

Yara Shahidi sparkled in Cartier at the 202.At the Met Gala on Sunday night, which honored "Karl Lagerfeld.

A Line of Beauty," the most recent display at The Costume Institute, Yara Shahidi shone.

The actress channeled her favorite 1990s supermodels in a half-custom, half-archival Jean-Paul.

Gaultier with Cartier diamonds as a tribute to Karl Lagerfeld's decades-long domination and the idols he created. Mt. Gala 3

Jason Bolden, Shahidi's stylist, chose the JPG corset from the 2008 couture collection as an.

Homage to Lagerfeld's 1993 Chanel couture corsets, altering it with a pleated skirt and exaggerated hips. A Résonances de Cartier High Jewelry necklace and Panthère and.

Trinity de Cartier rings enhanced the outfit. Shahidi gave a sneak peek at her pre-Met preparations. View the events.

Below.The Carlyle Hotel is my home for Met Gala 2023. I'm delighted to attend my fourth year.