Astrologers have identified the Zodiac sign most likely to cheat.

You may believe you have all the information needed to catch a cheater—someone who hides their phone, disappears without explanation, or has suddenly gained weight.

However, some red flags that indicate infidelity may be due to the stars rather than deeds. 

To further understand this, we spoke with renowned astrologers about the zodiac sign most prone to cheat. 

The whole list of unfaithful indications may surprise you, ranging from naively unfaithful to daringly adulterous.

It may appear strange that Capricorn, the rational and pragmatic sign, is on this list. However, it is these characteristics that allow people to compartmentalize their lives.


Pisces is the delicate romantic of the zodiac, but it doesn't mean they'll always remain monogamous. 


If Leos are recognized for anything, it's their relentless need for attention. Whether it's being the center of attention at a wedding or dominating the conversation at dinner, Libra is a natural leader.


Venus, the planet of love, rules Libra. And, like Pisces, this causes them to be overly enthusiastic about the prospect of being in a relationship.


The twins are notorious for their indecisiveness as well as being the zodiac's social butterfly, which is a recipe for disaster when it comes to cheating.


Aries, the fire sign, is the number one. As the zodiac's ruler, they are fiercely independent, which means they, like Gemini, dislike being tied down.


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