Astrologers believe that Type A is the most common Zodiac sign.

Everyone has at least one Type A friend. You know the type: they're high-achieving, fast-moving, and competitive and impatient. 

Perhaps you identify such characteristics in yourself. If that's the case, astrology may be able to explain why, as some signs are predisposed to these ambitious, hurried,

and slightly worried temperaments. Do you want to find out if that describes you? Continue reading to learn about the six most Type A zodiac signs, ranging from slightly competitive to completely compulsive.

Taurus is a hard worker, dependable, and stubborn sign. While this sign has a reputation for being reluctant to start, it nonetheless possesses numerous Type A characteristics.


Gemini is dominated by Mercury's day side, which causes mental restlessness that might lead to Type A behavior.


Leos adore being in the spotlight. And, more often than not, gaining said prominence necessitates ambition and hard effort. 


Aries, the planet of action, energy, and self-starting, works hard to attain its objectives. 


Do you have a friend who is always writing to-do lists and ticking items off their daily planner? They are almost certainly a Virgo. 


Capricorn is described in a variety of ways, including ambitious, responsible, tenacious, and practical.


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