Astrologers believe that the sign with the highest level of emotion

Some people are so sensitive that interacting with them is like riding a roller coaster. 

During your time together, they'll share their inner thoughts with you, help you sort through a moral dilemma,

and perhaps even make you cry because a sunset is "too beautiful" or a dog is "too cute." These folks undoubtedly experience all emotions,

including the positive, negative, and seemingly trivial ones. Interestingly, their horoscope signs could be linked to their very emotional dispositions.

From the moderately sensitive to the overly hysterical, astrologers tell us which signs of the zodiac are the most emotional.

Although this practical, earth sign isn't overtly emotional, it does have a vibrant inner life. According to MediumChat astrologer and spiritual coach Tara Bennet, "Capricorns tend to overthink problems which can lead them to worry."


A well-known party animal, Sagittarius is impetuous, active, and intelligent—characteristics that can occasionally cause furious outbursts.


Since Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, it naturally has a "me first" mentality. According to Hayes, "this zodiac sign is highly emotional, passionate, and carefree and will jump into the flames just to satiate their urges." 


The three water indications are, unsurprisingly, the most sensitive signals on our list.


The ability to feel any and all emotions is what Pisces are best at. In fact, this sign is capable of empathizing so well with people and connecting with its own emotions that it is sometimes referred to be psychic.


The astrological characteristics of Cancer make it the most emotional sign of the zodiac.


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