Aquarius to Leo: These signs mimic tears to win fights with their partners.

Relationships are full of disagreements, but most couples have good ways to work out their differences and make up.

Some people try to end fights quickly by being nice,

Some couples use harmful methods to make their partner feel bad about hurting them.

Find out which zodiac signs, from Aquarius to Aries, will fake tears to win an argument with their lover.

Aquarius would rather spend time with their partner than argue for a long time. They use logic and clear language to end arguments that keep going back and forth. If that doesn't work, they fake tears to make their partner feel bad and like the fight has made the Aquarius feel too sad.


Some zodiac signs have to be right all the time. Even if they are fighting with family, they can't lose. This sign of the zodiac cries when they lose a lot. This is so they can get their fan to feel sorry for them and spoil them instead of being shown to be wrong.


Scorpios can easily control the people they love. If they are dating a sensitive person, they know that fake tears will stop the fight and let them win. Because of this, when they want to end a fight or a stalemate with their loved one, they cry fake tears.


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