April 2023 Scorpio astrology

The planets in April are my favorite. Despite a few pranks from Pluto, they are happy and helpful, and I think you'll like this month because things are improving. The first of the year's first two eclipses—which always occur in pairs

And every six months—arrives on April 19 in Aries as a solar eclipse of the new moon. This particular eclipse is one that I really enjoy since it will provide you new opportunities.

However, its twin, a full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio, is scheduled for May 5 and will be problematic. Let's focus on all the excellent that April has in store for you.

I want you to know that I am traveling to Los Angeles to give a speech in Sherman Oaks on April 23 before I start telling you everything else. I'm overjoyed that the pandemic appears to be under control

And that I may resume making live appearances. Please come see me.Things in life frequently stay the same, giving the impression that everything will always be steady and constant as it is.

That is a delusion since the planets are constantly moving and new circumstances occasionally arise. Both this month and in May, such is the case.

Your two rulers are Pluto in the present and Mars in antiquity. Modern astrologers consider both planets to determine where your attention will be focused. Interestingly.

Both planets have lately changed signs, and your life will also reflect those changes. Pluto, the slower-moving of your two ruling planets, will be discussed first.