American Idol will replace Katy Perry with a big-name star.

'American Idol' will temporarily replace Katy Perry with a "big-time" star.

'American Idol' co-star Lionel Richie and the 38-year-old singer are both scheduled to play at King Charles' coronation performance in May,

and Luke Bryan has warned fans to anticipate some high-profile replacements on the TV program.

The show's 46-year-old judge Luke, who has served as a panelist since 2018,

told 'Entertainment Tonight' that the competition is "big time." It's a major deal.

The contenders who are filling in have used their songs numerous times. a great deal more than mine!"

At the eagerly anticipated concert on the grounds of Windsor Castle, both Katy and Lionel, 73, will take the stage.

Additionally, Katy recently stated that she is "so grateful" for the opportunity to perform at the forthcoming event.