'American Idol': Katy Perry drowned out by Iam Tongi supporters, 'threatened' by Haven Madison's talent

The top 12 contestants on "American Idol" had the opportunity to perform covers of songs by Rock

and Roll Hall of Fame inductees on Sunday night's program, which resulted in a highly charged and exciting show.

The competitors raised the bar by presenting outstanding performances for the judges Katy Perry,

Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie. Adam Lambert served as their mentor throughout the competition. 

Fans had the opportunity to vote for their favorites throughout the show, which was carried live from coast to coast, 

and the results of those votes were disclosed by host Ryan Seacrest at the very conclusion of the program.

The night featured an impressive tribute to Bon Jovi, a performance that Bryan described as being "Grammy-ready," 

and another performance that was so fantastic that Perry could hardly be heard above the cries of enthusiastic fans. Here are some of the most important points: