'American Idol' Audience Boos Katy Perry for Criticizing Contestant's Outfit

Katy Perry was criticized again for criticizing contestant Nutsa Buzaladze's attire. Buzaladze, one of the top 26,

 performed Grace Potter and the Nocturnals' "Paris (Ooh La La)" in a shimmering silver dress and sparkly boots.

The "Harleys in Hawaii" singer, who judges "American Idol" with Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, advised her to tone down her characteristic sparkle.

"Nutsa, every time you take the stage it's like glitter bomb the stage," she stated. Listen, I want to see no glitter next time. That'll be hard."

The "Dark Horse" singer received "loud boos" from the Disney Aulani Resort audience in Hawaii. Richie, 73, and Bryan, 46, stood up, surprised at the audience's reaction.

"Katy got booed!" Bryan exclaimed. "First time in six seasons," Perry, 38, replied to mockery. I want to flip the script.

Our hearts want to lure us in, too. That would please me and America." "Liner, maybe," Nutsa defended her clothing. "Just glitter eyeliner," she responded.

Perry's blunt words have drawn criticism before. Fans accused her of "psychological warfare" by making candidates

ncluding Nutsa, think they were going home and didn't make the top 26. Many contestants got emotional until Perry

announced they were moving on. She was also criticized by NY Post for mom-shaming 25-year-old Sara Beth Liebe during her audition. Perry failed to persuade Liebe to stay in the competition.