After their huge loss, the Celtics are criticized by the whole NBA.

The Boston Celtics have been one of the best teams in the NBA all season, and they are one of the favorites to win the title.

No matter how the season ends, though, neither the Celtics nor their fans will have a good memory of Friday. After the first quarter, Boston was in charge of the game and had a 37–15 lead.

Jaylen Brown made a layup with 7:23 left in the second quarter, giving the Celtics a 51-23 lead. After that, things changed.

Even though the Nets won the rest of the quarter, at halftime they were still 64-55 behind. Brooklyn kept coming back in the second half. At the end of the third quarter, the Nets were ahead 89–84. In the end, they won 115–105.

During the game, Sean Grande, who did the play-by-play for the Celtics on the radio, kept saying how big of a change it was.

Because the NBA season is so long, every team will play a few games that can't be explained. Still, this one was nuts.

Before Friday's game, the Celtics had already beaten the Nets 10 times in a row. The average number of points by which Boston won these games was 14.7, and the most recent game was won by a huge 43 points.

Before Friday, Brooklyn had also lost four straight games, and each loss was by an average of 21 points. The Celtics haven't always played well in the last few weeks, but before Friday, they had won four of their last five games.

Boston did not deserve to lose this game, especially since they had a 28-point lead. And there was a lot of anger on Twitter about how the Celtics played.

- Dalai Lama