Aries: Red

Red represents passion and fire. Lust, passionate emotion, and desire are traits of the Aries sign.

Taurus: Green

Green rules earth signs. Tauruses want success, earthly pleasures, and abundance.

Gemini: Yellow

Communication is yellow. Communication is yellow.

Cancer: White or Silver

Cancer's moon is white and silver. These colours symbolize intuition and purity. 

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Leo: Orange or Gold

Leos wear gold and orange. Leo may "revel in its regal authority and regal beauty" with colors.

Virgo: Brown

Earth symbol brown. Brown symbolizes Mercury, stability, and progress.

Libra: Light Pink

Libra, ruled by Venus, favors bright pink. This color brings Libras harmony, tranquility, balance, tenderness, and affection. 

Scorpio: Black

Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto, likes black. Scorpios like black.

Sagittarius: Purple

Sagittarius people wear purple. Spirituality is symbolized by it. Their moods are uplifted and calm,"

Capricorn: Burgundy

Burgundy is the power color of Capricorn, which represents quality and sophistication,

Aquarius: Electric blue

Montufar says because Uranus rules electricity and creativity, Aquarians should wear electric blue.

Pisces: Teal

Aquarius prefers bright blues while Pisces prefers a more toned-down shade of blue green.

- Dalai Lama