10 Greatest NFL Wide Receivers

Every game in the National Football League is like a constant track meet.in ,

On one end of the field, defensive backs such as cornerbacks and safeties will use every part of their body to prevent a legally completed throw.in ,

Wide receivers who can cover 40 yards in slightly more than four seconds compete in this group.

Deep throws have the potential to significantly alter the course of a game.

Football fans can't help but exhale a breathless gasp of surprise. If the winner is able to take down many defenders in order to achieve the grab, he earns even more bragging rights.

The greatest moments of the guys who have caught the most passes in NFL history will be remembered for a long time.

Future generations will attempt to match or exceed their creativity. The statistics they've set make them legendary for all time, and that's what matters most.in ,

Although each of these wide receivers has a unique personality, they all share the ability to overpower their opponents.