10 of the strongest dog breeds in the world

These dogs from the "Beethoven" movies are described as "powerful," "strong and muscular," and "imposing."

Saint Bernard

The American Rottweiler Club says these powerful canines require responsibility and devotion. 


This classic dog is the tallest AKC-accepted breed at 32–34 inches. They need a fenced yard and leash-led walks like greyhounds and need to run.  

 Irish Wolfhound

The AKC states these hounds are strong-willed, independent, and dominant, thus a firm master is essential to preserve a pleasant dog-human balance. They're gorgeous, but they're more than that:

Rhodesian Ridgeback

These sled dogs were bred to be tough and persevere. The AKC says these powerful, athletic, and energetic canines are happiest when they have tasks to complete. Their 1925 job made them famous:

Siberian Husky

Boxers, like huskies, have a long history of working. Boxers are protective, patient, powerful, and goofy.


The AKC says this big breed competes in carting, tracking, ability, and water tests. Swimming lengthy distances, Newfoundlands rescue drowning victims.


The AKC calls these large dogs pleasant people-pleasers and outstanding home guards. Their height—32 inches—is particularly noticeable. 

 Great Dane

This powerful police dog guards. The AKC believes they can be lovely household dogs and devoted partners for the military and police due of their intelligence and fearlessness.

German Shepherd

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