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Steak Spice

    Steak Spice


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    Steak Spice

    Steak Spice

    Steak Spice

    Steak spice makes for delicious steak. A balanced, flavorful steak seasoning recipe for steaks, vegetables, salmon, and more!

    A promising choice cut becomes a winner with a little steak spice. Well grilled steaks are pleasurable because of the fundamental interaction of juicy seared red flesh and forceful coarse salt. Steakhouse-quality dinners at home are easy with a container of steak spice.

    Montreal-Chicago steak seasoning is our base combination. Make it yourself and you’ll crave it. It complements the meat without overshadowing it. Sprinkling on more than steak is enjoyable!

    Steak Seasoning?

    It’s primarily salt with spices and herbs. Steak seasoning is mostly salt with spices and herbs, while steak dry rub is mostly seasonings.

    Steak seasoning is more sparing than dry rub. Steak seasoning brings out the steak’s genuine taste better than marinades.

    Montreal-Chicago Seasoning

    Only lasting appeal is absolute in steak seasoning mixtures. Steak seasoning has indirect origins.

    MontrĂ©al smoked meat and seasoning are from Montreal, Canada. This deli staple, like pastrami, is cured and smoked beef brisket. A Montreal Schwartz’s deli chef seasoned his steak with smoked meat flavoring on a whim, piqueing diners’ interest. Montreal seasoning has several varieties now.

    The popular McCormick’s Montreal Steak Seasoning marketed in bottles in the US is heavy on salt and less on ingredients than many Canadian recipes for home chefs, but that’s where pepper, coriander, garlic and onion powders, and herbs come from.

    Chicago steak seasoning is another American spice aisle staple. Origins are unclear. Chicago steakhouses are famous, yet Chicago steak seasoning components differ. It looks redder than Montreal seasoning due to mild red peppers.

    Successful Steak Seasoning

    Simply Recipes test kitchen developer Nicole Hopper experimented with heat, spice, and salt to create the perfect steak seasoning: Seasoning is balanced. It hits umami notes without tongue heat. The coriander and thyme give earthiness and freshness, while the mustard powder adds depth and a little zing.

    Seasoning Steak

    Remove meat from fridge 30 minutes before cooking. This removes the chill, enabling the steak to cook evenly without being tough on the exterior and rare on the inside. After resting, season the steaks.
    Correctly balance. Nicole advises 1 tablespoon spice per pound of meat. Season the meat everywhere, not just the broad top and bottom sides. Edges, too.
    Baste skillet steaks with butter at the end for the best results. “Butter basting helps catch up any spice that could have dropped off the steak or clung to the pan so that you don’t lose any of that taste,” Nicole adds.

    Besides Steak

    This seasoning goes beyond steak. Try on any of these:

    French fry
    Cooked veggies
    Salmon Chicken Pork chops/loin Traditional Steakhouse Sides

    Steak Spice


    5 mins
    5 mins
    10 (1 1/2-teaspoon) servings
    1/3 cup Kosher salt gives this steak seasoning bite. Diamond Crystal features lighter, more delicate crystals than Morton’s. Use the brand’s volume measurements without a scale. Avoid table or fine sea salt in this recipe.
    Avoid fine garlic and onion powders (the very powdery white kind). Choose granulated garlic or onion. They are coarser and sandy, letting the seasoning shine.


    32g coarse kosher salt (see recipe note)
    1 tablespoon crushed red pepper
    2-teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
    2-teaspoon dried thyme
    coriander powder
    granulated garlic powder (see recipe note)
    granulated onion powder (see recipe note)
    1-teaspoon dried mustard

    Mix them:

    Mix everything in a small dish.


    Place seasoning in an airtight container. Storage cold, dry. Use within 6 months.

    Season steak:

    Use 1 tablespoon per pound of meat to thoroughly season all sides. Rest seasoned steaks at room temperature for 30 minutes before cooking.