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8 Sweet Corn Dishes for Outdoor Entertaining

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    8 Sweet Corn Dishes for Outdoor Entertaining

    Enjoy sweet corn with buttery grilled corn on the cob and veggie-corn quesadillas.

    I love summer corn.

    Sweet, juicy, golden-colored kernels are the season’s best. Whenever ears of corn start arriving at farmers markets and farm stands, it’s hard not to buy a bundle to eat off the cob or add to salads and other summer sides.

    Picking and storing fresh corn:

    Find juicy green husks and brown silks on top.
    Store maize in a plastic bag in the fridge since its natural sugars quickly convert into starch.
    Fresh corn tastes best when cooked the day you buy it. Use within two days.
    Our favorite sweet corn recipes are these. They accompany burgers, grilled fish, poultry, and summer vegetables.

    Caprese Corn Salad

    Caprese salad—tomatoes, basil, and fresh mozzarella—plus juicy corn kernels makes a vibrant summer salad. Raw corn adds crunch and brightness to salads.

    Grilled Mexican Streetcorn (Elote)

    Sour cream is a good replacement for Mexican crema in this recipe. Grated Parmesan or crumbled feta can replace cotija cheese.

    Corn, bacon, and buttermilk ranch pasta salad

    We prefer orecchiette for this salad, but fusilli or penne work too. Corn, crispy bacon, and chopped bell peppers fit in the pasta’s cup-like form.

    Charred corn, bacon, and tomato guacamole

    Charred sweet corn, ruby red tomatoes, and crispy bacon make a great guacamole. This is a great outdoor party starter with tortilla chips.

    Green Bean, Corn, and Cherry Tomato Farro Salad

    Farro’s chewy, nutty taste complements sweet corn kernels. Adding grilled chicken or hard-boiled eggs turns this hearty salad into a full meal.

    Sweet Corn and Goat Cheese Quesadillas

    On hot summer nights, try this quick meal dish. A simple supper of zucchini, goat cheese, sweet corn, and herbs in flour tortillas is grilled.

    Grilled Corn

    Corn on the cob, coated with butter and grilled, is always a winner. Success secret? Grilling corn with the husks on prevents drying.

    Corn Salad

    If you don’t have a grill, you may cook this salad’s corn and zucchini in a hot pan until nicely browned. This salad is perfect for prepping. Add additional olive oil and vinegar if it’s dry before serving.